I started bee keeping afer 33 years of building - the rules and regulations were getting so hard to keep up with and I felt like a major change... something that would make me feel good about what I was doing and something I felt was contribuiting to the planet. It was at that time a friend suggesting bee keeping...


Three years ago I bought fifty active double brood hives from a bee keeper up north, at the start of the honey flow. I learnt so much that summer being thrown in right at the deep end! From asking questions and watching the bees work, I formed my own bee keeping strategies that have enabled me to keep my bees healthy and happy. 


I am currently running 150 hives. My main goal is to keep making sure the bees have quality of life so I only intend on managing a certain number to ensure this and the highest standard of honey.


Our honey is pulled off the hive at between UMF 5.5 and 6 which gives it antibacterial properties - fantastic for health and wellbeing. We leave the hives to collect other great native nectars such as Rewa-Rewa and Kanuka which gives Matakana honey that  distinct flavour. We really want the locals and visitors to the area to enjoy a locally prodcued high quality honey with all the antibacterial properties as well as the amazing taste!